«Panda» LLC


Address: Ukraine, Kyiv region, Vasylkiv, Grushevskyi str., 23.

«Panda» LLC is a leading sugar producer in Ukraine. It has been supplying natural gas for its own needs for three years, as well as for «Panda» group of companies.

Natural gas supplying is not the leading direction of «Panda» activities, but the company's goal is to provide stable natural gas to its own and related businesses.

The structure of the company includes Selyshche, Talne and Tsibuliv sugar refineries. 

Today, «Panda» LLC is a leading enterprise with wide raw material base, modern sugar production, technoological and energy equipment.

Sugar factories

ТОВ "Панда" (ВАТ "Селищанський цукровий завод")

Address of production capacities: Zavodska str., 3, Selyshche, Korsun Shevchenkivsky district, Cherkasy region, Ukraine. Selyshche Sugar Refinery is one of the oldest refineries in Cherkasy region, built in 1847. Since the construction of the refinery its equipment was quite primitive, sugar output was 25-40 pounds of per day, beet processing was carried out manually. In 1852, the...

ТОВ "Панда" (ВАТ "Цибулівський цукровий завод")

Address of production capacities: 19114, Cherkasy region, Monastyryshche district, Tsybuliv, Lenina str., 1. Sugar refinery was founded in Tsybulev in 1876. In 1888, the company employed 296 workers, including 20 children under the age of 15 (10 boys and 10 girls).  In 1923, Tsybuliv Sugar Refinery was completely renovated. In 1922/23, the company produced 113 thousand poods of sug...

ТОВ "Панда" (ВАТ "Тальнівський цукровий завод")

Address of production capacities: 20400, Cherkasy region, Talne district, Talne, Grossa str., 2. Talne Sugar Refinery is one of the oldest refineries in sugar industry, built in 1849. Produced sugar was exported abroad, mainly to England. At that time, it was a small enterprise, so in the production season of 1864-1965, the refinery’s capasity was 7,200 pounds of beet processing per d...