Objectives of the Association


National Association of Sugar Producers of Ukraine (the Association) was founded on January 17, 1997 and it is all-Ukrainian voluntary public professional association collectives, organizations and other legal entities and private individuals, established under the Ukrainian law «On Enterprises in Ukraine» and «On citizens connection». It was created to protect the economic, social and other interests of members of the Association, coordination and consolidation of its members’ actions in the economic, social and labor relations and cooperation with foreign and international organizations.



The Association was founded by staff members of the companies from sugar industry, starch industry, beet state owned farms, seed farms, engineering and repair factories, quarries, joint stock corporations, research, design and other servicing organizations and companies.


Today the Association includes 67 members.

The Association is a non-profit organization and it operates in Ukraine under the Ukrainian active legislation and the foundation documents.


The main objectives of the Association are:

  • Promotion of the sugar industry, stabilization and continuous improvement of functioning of the sugar market and other products produced in the companies — participants of the Association, promotion of competition.
  • Representation of the interests of its members in the economic, social and labor issues and other relations, protection of their legitimate rights and interests, as well as coordination and consolidation of Members of the Association to achieve the positive results of their activity and increasing influence on the formation of social and economic policy in Ukraine before state and public authorities, organizations and other persons involved in the preparation of legal documents relating to the sugar and seed industries, starch production and other corporations and organizations, that are part of the Association.
  • Examination and protection of legitimate interests and rights of the Participants in relations with state authorities and authorities of Autonomous Republic of Crimea and local authorities, other public associations, and involving all the implements of this task.
  • Promotion of the creating of the necessary regulatory system for the development of the relevant product markets in Ukraine, development, discussion and confirmation of valid raters, technical regulations and standards of the industry.
  • Participation in the formulation and implementation of social and economic policy and promotion of the improvement of training, retraining and advanced training, personnel development, dissemination of professional knowledge and experience, the establishment of HR-work.
  • Legal and informational support of members of the Association.
  • Promotion of modern management, truthful advertising and implementation of joint marketing.
  • Analysis, development and dissemination of technical and special information.