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Nov 2020

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Beginning of sugar-refining season 2020/2021 (updated)

25 November 2020

Sugar-refining season 2020/2021 MY officially started on September, 5, 2020.


Beginning of sugar-refining season 2019/2020 (updated)

26 December 2019

Sugar-refining season 2019/2020 MY officially started on September, 1, 2019.


Sugar World 2019: Ukrainian sugar industry has an untapped potential

6 March 2019

On February 27, the 3-rd International Congress «Sugar World 2019» took place in Brovary, bringing together…

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Ukraine exported 18 ths. t of sugar in August

6 September 2017

During the last month of the marketing year Ukrainian producers supplied 18,3 ths. t of sugar to the foreign…


Beginning of sugar-refining season 2017/2018 (updated)

6 December 2017

Sugar-refining season 2017/18 officially started on August 30, 2017.


Beginning of sugar-refining season 2018/2019 (updated)

5 February 2019

Sugar-refining season 2018/2019 MY officially started on August 31, 2018.

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    Wednesday, 11 November 2020

    «Astarta» produced 140,000 tonnes of sugar

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    which worked in 2020/2021

    World news

    The International Sugar Organization (ISO) published its November forecast for 2020/2021 MY world…
    French sugar group Tereos said on Wednesday it made a…
    France’s farm ministry on Monday cut by 10% its forecast…
    France's second-largest sugar producer Cristal Union expects its sugar beet…
    In a world where sugar has attracted increasing scrutiny for…
    In 2020/2021, in France sugar beet production is experced to…
    Brazil’s center-south sugar production reached 2.86 million tonnes in the…

    News of the near abroad

    In 2019/2020, sugar refineries of «RusAgro» operated for up to 156…
    Next season, the total sugar production in Russia, Ukraine and…
    Russia first sugar beet test since the beginning of the…
    The Belarusian state food industry concern «Belgospischeprom» plans to launch sugar supplies…
    There is a need to clearly determine the raw sugar…
    Last week, ANWIL produced the 30-millionth tonn of nitrogenous fertilisers.…
    Beet sugar output in the current campaign is forecast at…