Gnidava Sugar Refinery carries out sugar beet crops audit

Gnidava Sugar Refinery audits sugar beet crops and forecasts the croppage and processing of 500 thousand tonnes of beets. 

Deputy Chairman of the Board of Gnidava Sugar Refinery on the raw materials, Oleksandr Nikishyn, commentes, the press service of the company reports. 

The company said that this amount of sugar beet will provide the refinery with 100 days of active work, and the refinery is ready for it.

«We continue modernization and reconstruction of the refinery and are ready to process more so as not to allow the peasant labor to be wasted, we will process sugar beet in a timely and efficient manner», — assured Oleksandr Nikishyn. 

Recall that the sugar beet harvesting season will begin in early September, and in Volyn region two sugar refineries — Maryanivskyi and Gnidava Sugar Refineries — will be in operation. Ivanychy Sugar Refinery, which is the third refinery in the region, will not be engaged in processing, it will receive sugar beets for their further delivering to another enterprise.

Gnidava sugar producers assure that the refinery will work as long as it takes for the peasants to receive a decent reward for their work.