«Kharkiv Biscuit Factory» PJSC


Address: 61017, Ukraine, Kharkiv, Lozivska str., 8.

«Kharkiv Biscuit Factory» PJSC is a modern confectionery enterprise specializing in the production of flour confectionery products. The total production capacity is about 40 thousand tonnes per year. The enterprise employs 1,200 people. 

Biscuit and waffle production is equipped with modern European equipment:

  • Italian line for the production of crackers,
  • Italian line for the production of biscuits and rolls,
  • Italian line for the production of sand cakes with jam filling,
  • German line for the production of cookies with natural fruit fillers,
  • Austrian line for the production of multilayer waffles,
  • Austrian line for the production of waffle tubes,
  • Austrian line for the production of porcelain desserts with porous chocolate mass,
  • Austrian line for the production of glazed waffles,
  • German line for the production of cookies with chocolate tiles,
  • French, Italian and German packing machines.

Kharkiv Biscuit Factory is constantly in search of new production and technological decisions. Due to the technical re-equipment and capacities upgrading, there is a constant optimization and improvement of production processes.

Thorough selection of suppliers of raw materials and packaging materials, studies of European requirements for the quality and safety of confectionery products allowed the biscuit factory, one of the first in the confectionery industry of Ukraine, to go out with its products to European, American, Asian, and China markets.

The quality and safety of its products are controlled by production laboratories equipped with modern devices and equipment for conducting physical and chemical tests. The control of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products is carried out. Compliance with all legislative and regulatory requirements in confectionery production is confirmed by the National Certification Authority, certificates of compliance with international standards ISO 9001:2008 «Quality Management System» and ISO 22000:2005 «Food Safety Management System».

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