Address: 04071, Kyiv, Yaroslavska str., 58.

Astarta-Kyiv integrated agri-industrial holding is one of the leading vertically the main business of which is aimed on providing Ukrainian industrial consumers and popu-lation with high-quality sugar.

Astarta Holding N.V. is the company that controls the agri-industrial holding «Astarta-Kyiv». It is engaged in the sugar production. The holding includes 6 sugar refineries, as well as 60 agricultural enterprises, which cultivate more than 155 thousand hectares of land. The company’s production capacities are located in Poltava, Vinnytsia Khmelnytsk and Kharkiv regions.

Besides, ASTARTA also has capacities for soybean processing (soybean processing plant) and biogas production (bio-energy complex) in Globyno, Poltava region.

At the beginning of 2021, «Astarta» completed the sale of its two sugar plants in Kharkiv region – Savynskiy and Novoivanivskiy. The Company’s management was focusing on improving the profitability of the Sugar Segment and optimising the corresponding asset base by concentrating production on its core sugar mills.

Since Kharkiv region does not have sufficient raw materials base and sugar beet growing farms, «Astarta»’s decided that divestment of these non-core assets will free up its internal resources for the main sugar mills in the Poltava, Vinnitsa and Khmelnitsk regions. 

The Company’s main sugar mills are supplied by «Astarta»’s own farming operations and ensure stable production and cost control within vertical integration of sugar beet processing. 

As a producer of the highest quality sugar, «Astarta»’s business model is built on decades of relationships with the leading food-processors and beverage producers in Ukraine. By optimising its asset base the Company underlines its core competence of being a reliable business partner for its long-term industrial customers.

Sugar factories

ТОВ "Цукорагропром" ВП "Жданівський цукровий завод"

Address of production capacities: Vinnytsia region, Khmilnytsk district, Zhdanivka, Zavodska str., 2. Zhdanivka Sugar Refinery is one of the oldest functioning sugar refineries in Ukraine. The history of the refinery dates back to December 1852. During the rapid development of Ukrainian sugar industry, the landowner Oleksandr Kusheliov built a sugar refinery in the...

ТОВ "Цукорагроком" ВП "Глобинський цукровий завод"

Address of production capacities: Zavodska str., 1, Globyne, Poltava region, 39001. The refinery was built in 1911 by Oleksiy Kapnist the Count. The processing capacity was 550 tonnes of sugar beet per day, and in the first season 7600 tonnes of sugar were produced. Thanks to «Astarta-Kyiv» LLC, after a three-year idle time, the refinery started working again. In 2006, the avera...

ТОВ "Цукорагропром" ВП "Кобеляцький цукровий завод"

Address of production capacities: 39221, Poltava region, Kobeliaky district, Bilyky, Myru str., 1. Kobeliatsky Sugar Refinery was built in 1950-1955 in accordance with the fifth five-year plan for the restoration and development of the national economy of the USSR and put into operation in 1955 and produced beet sugar. Later the refinery became one of the leading enterprises of the local i...

ТОВ "Наркевицький цукровий завод"

Address of production capacities: 31250, Khmelnytsk region, Volochysk district, Narkevychy, Zavodska str., 1. The need for construction of sugar refinery in Narkevychy appeared with the increase in sugar beet harvested areas of the local collective farms. The refinery was launched in the early 50's of the twentieth century. In 1989 the museum of Narkevychy sugar refinery was opened. The...