Zhytomyr sugar factories produced more than 60 kt of sugar



Despite the challenges of the war, the agricultural sector of Zhytomyr region was able to maintain stability, especially in sugar beet cultivation and sugar production segment.

It is reported by zhitomir-online.

In 2023, the area devoted to sugar beet cultivation was increased six times, compared to the previous year, which indicates the growth of investments in this segment of agri-industrial production.

A significant achievement was the resumption of the work of «Chervonsky Tsukrovyk» PJSC and «Signet-Center» LLC, which did not work in 2022. In 2023, factories ensured the production of more than 60,000 tonnes of sugar. Such a volume of production not only completely satisfies the needs of the domestic market, but also creates volumes for export, which opens up new prospects for the development of the region's economy.

These achievements became possible due to the joint efforts of farmers, government institutions and business, which, despite the difficulties, were able to adapt to the challenges, optimize production processes and ensure a high level of productivity. The increase in the sugar beet area and the resumption of sugar factories strengthened the economic stability of the region, opening up new opportunities for the development of domestic and foreign markets.