«Yuzepho-Mykolaiv Biogas Company» LLC opened the first stage of the biogas complex


On November 28, in Vinnytsia region, the first stage of the biogas complex with the capacity of 3,2 mW was officially opened on the basis of «Yuzepho-Mykolaiv Agroindustrial Company» LLC.

«Yuzepho-Mykolaiv Biogas Company» LLC invested EUR11 million in the construction of the biogas complex. The company processes beet pulp, silo, recyclables, organic waste in biogas, and that, in turn, in electricity, which partially covers the energy demand of the sugar refinery. The planned capacity of the complex amounts to 5,2 mW.

Despite the shortage of raw materials, the sugar refinery processed 30% less sugar beet, compared to the last year, and disappointing forecasts for the next year, the company plans to build the bioethanol complex. 

Considering the experience of other bioethanol producers, the company plans to increase its utilization capacities and then to complete the bioethanol complex construction. In addition to molasses, the company also plans to engage grain, cereals, contaminated grain, burned grain, fungus in the production of bioethanol.