Volyn plans to harvest 450 thousand tonnes of sugar beet



According to the preliminary estimations of Volyn, more than 8 thousand hectares of fields will be sown with sugar beet, which is about 450 thousand tonnes of raw materials.

It is reported by press service of Gnidava Sugar Refinery.

«We will summarize the results in May, when crop preservation will be visible and we will receive the final crop report. This year, farmers of Ivanychivsk zone want to cooperate with us, because there is a big question mark for the local refinery launching. We have our permanent and reliable partners, so I hope that there will be no problems», — says Oleksandr Nikishyn, the deputy chairman of Gnidava sugar refinery. 

At the same time, the official noted that the company will do its best so that Volyn will have enough sugar, and the refinery will work as much as it take for the farmers to receive a decent reward for their work. 

The company assures that before the start of the season, they will be ready in all directions, this applies to modernization, timely start, and highly skilled personnel potential, as timely and qualitative preparation is the key to the success of the company during the sugar production season.