Vinnytsia sugar refineries produced more than 250 thousand tonnes of sugar

In 2020, six sugar factories processed sugar beets in Vinnytsia region. Four of them finished the production season by the end of last year. Just before the holidays, the last tonnes of sugar were produced at Tomashpil refinery. Earlier, the work was completed at «Yuzepho-Mykolaiv Agroindustrial Company» LLC, Zhdanivka Sugar Refinery and «Illinetsky Tsykrovy Zavod» LLC.

It is reported by vn.20minut.

Gaisin and Kryzhopil Sugar Refineries continue beet processing. They are the most powerful in the region: about eight thousand tonnes of beets are processed into sugar per day. Both factories are owned by «Ukrprominvest-Agro».

According to the forecasts, these enterprises will complete the production season in about the middle or second half of January.

In total, 250 thousand tonnes of sugar were produced at six refineries in the region as of the end of 2020. Most sugar was produced at Gaisin and Kryzhopil Sugar Refineries. They are the leaders in the sugar industry of Ukraine.

Thus, in 2019, Kryzhopil refinery produced 117,2 thousand tonnes of sugar. The record figure was registered in 2018 — 171,7 thousand tonnes of sugar.

Kryzhopil refinery is the "youngest", compared to others, built in 1986. Whereas, Gaisin sugar refinery, for example, produced its first sugar in 1899. However, the company carried out a real technical revolution. This made it possible to increase the sugar beet processing capacity from two to eight thousand tonnes.

These two refineries will operate until about January 15. The regional department of agro-industrial development forecasts the total sugar amount of about 300-309 thousand tonnes. Last year, 331 thousand tonnes of sugar were produced in the region.

The last two years (2019-2020) were unfavorable for sugar beet growers. In 2019, the region harvested the least beets per hectare in the country. And last year it was a little — 435,3 thousand tonnes. For comparison, in 2018, the beet yield reached more than 500 centners per hectare. 

Despite this, Vinnytsia remains the main sugar producing region in Ukraine. Even in lean years, Vinnytsia is ahead of others in beet sugar production.