Vinnytsia sugar refineries produced 230,000 tonnes of sugar

Vinnytsia region completes sugar refining season.

It is reported by «Den'» newspaper.

Currently, three of six sugar factories in the region have already completed sugar production (Zhdanivka Sugar Refinery, «Yuzepho-Mykolaiv Agroindustrial Company» LLC and «Illinetsky Tsykrovy Zavod» LLC). Three more refineries (Kryzhopil Sugar Refinery, Gaisin Sugar Refinery and Tomashpil Sugar Refinery) continue the season and plan to complete it in early 2021. In total, according to Valentyna Kyryliuk, the Deputy Director of Department of Agricultural Development, Ecology and Natural Resources of Vinnytsia Regional State Administration, the local sugar factories have already processed 1,75 million tonnes of sugar beets and produced 230,000 tonnes of sugar.


«High sugar content makes it possible to predict the total sugar production at 309 thousand tonnes (vs. 331 thousand tonnes last year). Since the beginning of the season, six sugar factories in the region have received 1,81 million tonnes of beets for processing, as of Monday 1,75 million tonnes, or 97% of this volume have already been processed. The sugar content amounts to 16%. The expected volumes of sugar beet processing by the local sugar factories are almost 2 million tonnes, taking into account the raw materials delievered from other regions, last year it was 2,1 million tonnes», — said Valentyna Kyryliuk.

This year the total sugar beet area in Vinnytsia region amounted to 48,5 thousand hectares. The sugar beet harvesting campaign has already been completed. 1,85 million tonnes of beets were harvested. The sugar season in the region is planned to end in early 2021.