Viktor Ivanchyk increased its stake in «Astarta» by 10,000 shares

On January 10, 2020, Albacon Ventures Limited, which is owned by «Astarta-Kyiv» CEO Viktor Ivanchyk, acquired 10,000 shares of the company.

It is reported on the website of the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

As a result of the acquisition, the totak equity stake of Albacon Ventures Limited in Astarta Holding N.V. increased to 9,6 million — 38,4% of the total number of outstanding shares.

Before the transaction, Albacon Ventures Limited's share amounted to 37,39%. 

«Astarta» combines 5 regional subdivisions: «Poltavazernoprodukt» LLC, «Dovzhenko Agrofirm» LLC, «Dobrobut» LLC (all — in Poltava region), «Khmelnytske» LLC (Vinnytsia region) and «Volochysk-Agro» (Khmelnytsk region). Sugar production is the main activity of the holding, as well as grain and oilseeds cultivation and marketing, meat and milk production.