«Ukrprominvest-Agro» produced more than 171 thousand tonnes of sugar



According to the results of 2020/2021 sugar-refining season, «Ukrprominvest-Agro» refineries produced more than 171 thousand tonnes of sugar.

It is reported by press-service of the company.

«Ukrprominvest-Agro» sugar refineries summarized the results of sugar beet processing season, which lasted 90 days. Despite the extremely difficult weather conditions that negatively affected the sugar beet yields, UPI-AGRO enterprises processed 1,320 thousand tonnes of sugar beets this season – only 7% less than a year ago. In this production season, UPI-AGRO refineries produced 171,2 thousand tonnes of sugar — 15% of total Ukrainian sugar production.

UPI-AGRO sugar refineries traditionally entered the top three in terms of amount of produced sugar. In the rating of the largest sugar producers in Ukraine 2020, Kryzhopil Sugar Refinery is the 2nd and Gaisyn Sugar Refinery is the 3rd.