Ukrainian sugar production will fully cover the domestic market needs

According to the estimation of «Ukrsugar» Association, in 2021/2022 MY, Ukrainian sugar production will fully cover the domestic market needs.

In 2021, in Ukraine the total sugar beet sown area amounted to 226,6 thousand hectares — 20 thousand hectares more than the previous year. In addition, the weather was good, enough moisture, as well as sunlight. Due to all these factors, sugar content and beet yield significantly increased.

«Favorable weather conditions allowed us to launch our sugar factories in time, and even earlier than last year. The season was opened by «Panda» LLC («Selyshche Sugar Refinery» OJSC), which was launched on August 21, and on September 1 — «Zoria Podillia» Foods Company» LLC (Gaisin Sugar Refinery), and later all the others», — said Nazar Mykhailovyn, the Chairman of National Association of Sugar Producers of Ukraine «Ukrsugar».

In October, there were 29 sugar factories in operation in Ukraine, now there are 5 units in operation, four of which will operate until the end of the year, and another one — until the end of the first decade of January 2022. As of December 17, 1251,4 thousand tonnes of sugar were produced in Ukraine and 8,87 million tonnes of sugar beets were processed.

«According to the analytical department of «Ukrsugar» Association, in 2021/2022 MY, Ukrainian sugar production will amount from 1,45 million tonnes to 1,47 million tonnes with domestic consumption of 1,25 million tonnes per year. Thus, we fully cover the domestic market needs», — commented the Chairman of «Ukrsugar» Association.