Ukraine can completely replace imported energy resources with biogas

Ukraine has a great potential to completely replace imported energy resources only at the expense of biogas.

It is announced by Director of the Department of Renewable Energy and Alternative Fuels of State Agency of Energy Saving of Ukraine Yuriy Shapharenko, «Ukrinform» reports.

«In my opinion, Ukraine should develop more bioenergy than solar and wind power. Why? Cause Ukraine is an agrarian state. We have a great potential of agricultural raw materials that we use inefficiently. According to our estimates, if we use only 37% of raw material waste, we will receive more than 10 billion cubic meters of gas», — Yuriy Shapharenko points out.

At the same time, if Ukraine grows energy crops on marginal soils, then Ukraine will be able to replace almost 20 billion cubic meters of gas.

«As a result, we can replace all imports, even more, without cutting down any tree», — said the representative of State Agency of Energy Saving of Ukraine.

He says, the capacities of biogas plants in Ukraine exceed 50 MW.

«These are the capacities that operate on agricultural crops and gas production capacities at landfills. The dynamics are slightly improving, but not as fast as it would be desirable», — comments Shapharenko.