Sugar beet of «Zakhidnyi Bug» suffered from bad weather

Sugar beet of «Zakhidnyi Bug» suffered from unfavorable weather conditions.

It is reported by the company on its Facebook-page.

Even the most experienced specialists are powerless before natural disasters. Unfortunately, this year's spring was not too favorable for the agrarians with its drought, dust storms, heavy rains and flooding of the territories.

Fortunately, the damage caused to sugar beet crop of «Zakhidnyi Bug» PE by the nature is not critical. 

Sugar beet crops were the most affected by natural disasters. For the first time, over the past four years, about 300 hectares of sugar beet (subdivisions of Mykolaiv, Rozvoriany and Sukhodoly) died after the dust storms in April. Now crops are suffering from continuous rainfalls, therefore it is expected to lose another part of the crops as a result of flooding and saltation — precise area can not be indicated now.

In general, sugar beet development lags about one week behind last year, but in case of rains ending and rising temperatures, the situation will improve significantly. In general, the state of crops can be estimated as average, the density is 85-95 thousand units per hectare, three herbicidal protections have been carried out, pest pressure is low.

In the next week on most sown areas there will be closing of crop in rows —now there are 8-10 leaves. In case of weather stabilization, the expected yield should be at the last year level, although again, the forecast is very rough. The total sugar beet area of «Zakhidnyi Bug» PE reaches 8 220 hectares.