«Starokostiantynivtsukor» almost half completed the construction of sugar beet dry transportation unit



The construction of the first in Khmelnytsk region sugar beet dry transportation unit is almost half completed.

It is announced by the company on its Facebook page.

The planned modernization of «Starokostiantynivtsukor» LLC is completed by 45%.

In particular, metal constructions for basic equipment have already been made and installed. «A'SPIK GROUP» says that the rest of necessary equipment for sugar beet dry transportation will be put into operation in July 2019.

«The vast majority of foreign sugar refineries operate on the principle of sugar beet dry transportation. «Starokostiantynivtsukor» LLC will become the first in Khmelnytsk region to introduce this innovative European experience, which will significantly reduce sugar losses during sugar beet processing. So, in the new sugar refining season, which starts in September 2019, we will abandon the outdated method of hydrotransportation. Only such steps, aimed at increasing the production efficiency, will allow us to be competitive in domestic and foreign markets», — says Oleksandr Spivak, the owner of «A'SPIK GROUP».

He says, French and German sugar refineries have been closed due to low profitability, but thanks to annual modernizations and investments, «A'SPIK GROUP» successfully reduces the cost of "sweet product" of its own production, remaining profitable. 

Actually, such steps allow sugar producers to hold leadership positions in Ukrainian food industry and export "white gold" to global market. Moreover, now the group of companies is included in TOP-5 the biggest sugar producers of Ukraine.

Besides, in addition to the construction of sugar beet dry transportation unit, this year «Starokostiantynivtsukor» LLC has already managed to upgrade its condenser.