«Starokostiantynivcukor» LLC received a new raw material laboratory



«Starokostiantynivcukor» LLC began 2021 production season with a new raw material laboratory for determining important indicators of sugar roots. This is the input control of raw materials, which provides information about sugar content and pollution.

It is reported by the company on its Facebook-page.

Both producers and agrarians who have grown the sugar beet crop are always interested in correct analyzes of raw materials. It is important for sweet root processors to be sure that all sugar brought with the beets will be in the bags at the end of processing with minimal losses.

«New qualities, new equipment is not a cheap investment project, — comments Volodymyr Shostak, the director of «Starokostiantynivcukor» LLC. — This equipment was purchased from a well-known in the sugar industry foreign manufacturer «Vikpol», which has a positive experience of similar implementations at sugar factories in Europe. Cooperation with this company becomes a tradition. After all, in addition to our sugar factory, Shepetivka Sugar Refinery has also established the cooperation with them».

In addition to the purchase and installation of new equipment, a whole range of construction works was carried out, which lasted from April to August.