«Starokostiantynivcukor» LLC celebrates its 10-th anniversary



10 years of development: «Starokostiantynivcukor» LLC celebrates its anniversary!

It is reported by the company on its Facebook-page.

Within 10 years, «Starokostiantynivcukor» LLC has gone from non-working enterprise to the leader of the sugar industry of Ukraine. 

On April 23, 2009, «Starokostiantynivcukor» Limited Liability Company began its activity, which after a two-year idle period revived the activity of the refinery with centuries-old inheritance. 

During the first year of its activity the refinery processed 92 thousand tonnes of sugar beet and received 13 thousand tonnes of sugar. However, in 2017, it was possible to improve the results fourfold — 350 thousand tonnes of beet were processed into 55 thousand tonnes of sugar. 

The efficiency of work was also increased, if in 2009 the refinery processed 2,5 thousand tonnes of sugar beet per day, today its processing capacity reaches 4,5 thousand tonnes of beet per day. 

In total, within 10 years of its activity, «Starokostiantynivcukor» LLC processed 2,4 million tonnes of sugar beet into 350 thousand tonnes of sugar. 

Investments in the amount of tens of millions dollars, which transformed the outdated refinery into a modern, innovative enterprise of the sugar industry, made it possible to achieve such impressive results.

«In 2018, «A'SPIK GROUP» exported a record amount of sugar — more than 6 thousand tonnes, and in 2 months of 2019 almost 3,5 thousand tonnes of sugar were exported», — noted Oleksandr Spivak, the owner of «A'SPIK GROUP».