Shepetivka Sugar Refinery robotized the raw material laboratory

A'SPIK group updated the laboratory at «Shepetivka Sugar» LLC.

It is reported by the company on its Facebook-page.

The highest quality of sugar, produced according to all standards and requirements, is the main aim of sugar producers of Shepetivka Sugar Refinery.

Among a number of technological innovations in 2020 — a modern laboratory for control of raw materials quality. 

«The main task of the laboratory is to determine the quality of sugar beets and their sugar content, — comments Yulia Zhuk, the head of the raw material laboratory, — For this purpose we use specialized robotic equipment». 

The modern robotic equipment was installed by Polish specialists this fall. One of the significant advantages is the replacement of many employees, increasing the speed and quality of analysis. The set of actions provides the maximum accuracy of each operation. 

After all, sugar production is a continuous process in which each link must work successfully.