Shepetivka Sugar Refinery completes renovation of productive capacities

Due to the modernization «Shepetivka Sugar Refinery» PJSC will be able to work 24/7.

It is reported by the company on its Facebook-page.

Replacement of outdated equipment at Shepetivka Sugar Refinery will ensure its operation during the new production season. A radical renovation of productive capacities has reached the finish line, as now only the works on adjustment of new equipment are ongoing. 

In particular, the refinery received innovative German vacuum condensing equipment with modern first, second and third product, new German filters of «Putsch» for conveyor water purification, BMA powerful sugar crystallizers and high-performance beetroot of «Glass und Wolff». 

Moreover, the “energy heart” of the refinery — local CHP plant, received new turbogenerator cooling systems.

Roman Kovalchuk, the chief engineer of «Shepetivka Sugar Refinery» PJSC says, the replacement of physically and morally old units will avoid forced pauses during the production season for equipment repair.

«We hope that the new equipment will help to avoid shutdowns due to technical failures and ensure a smooth production process 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. So we plan to increase our beet processing and sugar output», — says Roman Kovalchuk.

«A'SPIK GROUP» informes that time-consuming equipment will save significantly on gas and thus optimize production costs. In addition, the use of water from the local river for cooling will be reduced during the new production season. 

However, under current conditions, only continuous development can guarantee competitiveness in domestic and global markets. That's why «A'SPIK GROUP» is already working on a plan to upgrade the refinery over the next year. Thus, a thorough reconstruction of the sugar-drying unit is envisaged, as well as the possibility of switching to sugar beet dry transportation, which will significantly improve processing efficiency and environmental safety of production.