Shepetivka Sugar Refinery carries out reconstruction to improve beets supply for processing

Currently, Shepetivka Sugar Refinery carries out an important reconstruction, thanks to which significant savings of costs and losses in sugar beet supply for production. 

It is reported by the company on its Facebook-page.

«We are approaching the beet storage silo to the refinery. Thus, the transportation distance will be reduced: previously it was about one kilometer, and after the work it will be 200 m, — says Volodymyr Pylypak, the Deputy Director for Construction at «Shepetivka Sugar» LLC, — Another advantage of this solution is to minimize the risks of root rots, which means a reduction in sugar losses».

Experienced team members are engaged in all necessary construction works, who are constantly improving their knowledge and applying the most effective construction solutions. The team consists of professionals who share their experience with each other.

Not only human but also significant technical resources are used for the works: loader, «Volvo» excavator (for field works, digging ditches, trenches), «Manitou», vibratory roller, wheel loader, etc. 

The sweet season is scheduled to begin at the end of September, so construction and installation will be completed by that time.

So, the builders of «Shepetivka sugar refinery» have two months of active work in order to prepare the line for delivery of raw materials for processing in time.