«Shepetivka Sugar» LLC completed 2021 sugar-refining season



This year, «Shepetivka Sugar» LLC blazed through the sugar-refining season. This was facilitated by a number of factors and the daily coordinated work of each team member. All equipment worked perfectly, and raw materials were uninterruptedly and on time delivered by partners-farmers.

It is reported by the company on its Facebook page.

«We worked well with good results. This became possible thanks to the rhythmic daily work of the factory, — commented Roman Kovalchuk, the Chief Engineer of «Shepetivka Sugar» LLC. — Agricultural partners worked side by side with us. Carriers were also interested in systematic cooperation».

In general, 2021 became a successful year for Shepetivka Sugar Refinery in terms of the implementation of planned reconstructions and modernizations.

«I would like to emphasize the important role of the human factor during the production season. After all, when the team wants to work, interested in its work and has comfortable conditions (and we worked a lot this year on the conditions), then people are satisfied and the company has good results», — Roman Kovalchuk emphasized. 

Shepetivka sugar producers plan a number of grandiose projects to be implemented next year.

«These are colossal investments of efforts, knowledge and resources: modernization of a steam boiler for burning coal, modernization of a heating plant (purchase of a heating plant and replacement of pipelines), transfer of compressors and receivers, construction of a press filter department, modernization of sugar warehouses and loading warehouses), — the chief engineer commented. — At the same time, plans and goals have already been defined, and further daily work for the development and modernization of our Shepetivka sugar factory is waiting for us».