Poltava sugar factories completed production season



As of the end of January, sugar factories of Poltava region completed sugar-production season. This was announced by the head of Poltava RMA Philip Pronin, press service of Poltava RMA reported.

«Factories of the region produced 229,000 tonnes of sugar or 55% more than a year earlier, and almost three times more than the region's need. In total, more than 1.6 million tonnes of raw materials were processed», — said Philip Pronin.

Sugar beet processing was carried out by three sugar factories: the branch of «Globyno Sugar Factory» «Tsukoragroprom» LLC, the branch of «Yaresky Sugar Factory» «Tsukoragroprom» LLC, and «Novoorzhitskyi Sugar Factory» LLC.

By the way, in 2023, farmers of Poltava region harvested 1.45 million tonnes of sugar beets from the area of 28.7 thousand hectares with the average yield of 50.7 tonnes/ha.

Recall that Vinnytsia sugar factories produced 442,000 tonnes of sugar.