Khmelnytsk sugar refineries produced 110,000 tonnes of sugar

Four sugar factories produced enough sugar for the domestic needs of Khmelnytsk region.

The director of Department of development of the industrial complex of Khmelnytsk regional state administration Oleg Omelyanyuk told about it, «Publichne» reported.

During the sugar season in 2020, sugar factories produced 20 thousand tonnes of sugar more than the needs of the population of Khmelnytsk region at the rate of 30 kg of sugar per capita per year. 

«Sugar beets in Khmelnytsk region were sown on the area of ​​22 thousand hectares. To date, the sugar beet harvesting has been completed. Almost a million tonnes of beets have been harvested. There were four sugar factories, which produced 110 thousand tonnes of sugar when Khmelnytsk needs 90 tonnes», — the official said.

This year the weather conditions were unfavorable for sugar beets development, says Wanda Serdyuk, the crop specialist at Department of Industrial Development of Khmelnytsk Regional State Administration.

«If last year it was between 510-515 centners per hectare, this year the beet yield averaged 460-470 centners per hectare. Although there were areas that gave a good yield — 500-550 centners per hectare», —  says Wanda Serdyuk.

According to the technical director of «Starokostiantynivcukor» LLC Mykhailo Spivak, the agricultural year for sugar beets growing was difficult, and the sugar content was low.


«Last year, which was the best in terms of yields, we had the sugar yield of 16%, but this year it barely reaches 13%», — said Mykhailo Spivak.

But for the needs of the domestic market of the region, produced sugar will be enough until the new sugar season, Mykhailo Spivak is sure.