Khmelnytsk region refineries produced 30 thousand tonnes of sugar

Sugar refineries of Khmelnytsk region produced 30 thousand tonnes of sugar.

It is reported by «Golos Ukrainy».

Analyzing the situation of the current season, the farmers of Khmelnytsk region explain: in spring, they tried to sow as early as possible to use the available moisture in the soil. But due to rainy and cold weather conditions, the seedlings were broken and, moreover, hot summer suppressed their growth. And when it came time to harvest, the rains washed sugar from the roots and instead of 18% sugar content in September, they got only 15% in October.

As a result, although the sugar beet sown areas in the region remained almost unchanged, instead of last year's 510-515 centners/ha the farmers received only 460-470 centners of beets per hectare. 

When 600 thousand tonnes of beets were harvested in the region from almost 60% of the total area, the average yield was not more than 445 centners/ha. Although this figure is not critical, it is too low for modern sugar beet growing industry. After all, it is traditionally believed that the industry gives a good profit with the yield of 500 centners/ha.

At the same time there are no reasons for the possible deficit. Four refineries in operation in the region have already produced 30,000 tonnes of sweet product. By the end of the season, it is planned to produce at least 117 thousand tonnes of sugar.