Khmelnytsk region plans to produce 190,000 tonnes of sugar

In four communities in Khmelnytsk region, sugar factories started their work. Another enterprise is about to be launched.

Oleg Omelyanyuk, head of the department of agri-industrial development of regional military administration, told Suspilnykh Khmelnytsk about it.

According to him, sugar factories are located on the territory of Teophipol, Narkevychy, Starokostyantiniv and Shepetivka communities.

Another sugar factory is planned to be launched in a few days on the territory of Krasyliv community, said the head of the department of agri-industrial development.

«There will be sugar in Khmelnytsk region. This year, sugar beets are sown on the area of 30.2 thousand hectares by all forms of ownership. To date, 10% of sweet roots have been harvested. The yield amounts to 520 centners/ha. In general, we plan to harvest 1 million 700 thousand tonnes of sweet roots and produce 180-190 thousand tonnes of sugar. To provide Khmelnytsk region, 90,000 tonnes are needed per year, and we will receive 190,000 tonnes», — Oleg Omelyanyuk said.