Khmelnytsk region harvested more than 1,4 million tonnes of sugar beets

As of December 1, in Khmelnytsk region sugar beets were harvested from 29,000 hectares or 30.4% more than last year. Yield amounted to 497.3 centners/ha or 21.1% more than last year.

It is reported by podillyanews.

It is clear that the simultaneous increase in both areas and yields allowed to significantly increase the amounts of harvested roots: 1,443 million tonnes of beets were harvested or 57.9% more than last year.

Agricultural companies harvested 28.3 thousand hectares or 131.2% of last year's area. As of December 1, the business received 1.416 million tonnes of beets, or 59.3% more than last year. Yields exceeded half a thousand centners — 501 centners per hectare or 21.4% more than last year.

This year the local farmers managed to reach the figures of 2018 and 2019, when farmers were able to harvest 1.4 million tonnes of roots. Last year there was a decline — only 958.8 thousand tonnes of beets, according to the Main Statistics Department of Khmelnytsk region.