In Ukraine, the world's largest biogas complex was launched at full capacity

In Teophipol (Khmelnytsk region), a biogas complex has been put into operation at full capacity on the territory of sugar refinery.

It is reported by ElektroVisti.

On December, 22, 2017, the biogas complex with a total capacity of 15,6 MW was officially opened on the territory of Theophipol Sugar Refinery in Khmelnytsk region. The first phase works on sugar beet. Its capacity reaches 5,109 MW.

The second phase was put into operation in June, 2018, it worked in test mode. Its capacity reaches 10,5 MW and it processes corn silage. This station is the same size as the first one, but produces twice as much biogas.

So, the capital costs for its construction were reduced by 1,5 times. Now it is the first in Ukraine and the largest in the world biogas complex, which operates on the technology of high-load reactors.

Recall that by the end of this year, «Gals Agro» plans to put into operation the fourth biogas station.