In Ukraine, organic sugar beet areas increased by 100 hectares

Recently, presentation of sugar produced at Gnidava Sugar Refinery on the Organic Standard system, which is in demand in advanced countries of Europe and the world, was held in Kyiv.

It is stated by the deputy chairman of the board of Gnidava sugar refinery Oleksandr Nikishyn, press service of the company reports.

«In Ukraine, such sugar is produced only by Gnidava Sugar Refinery, the price of which for example reaches 1350 euros. It is clear that we produced it from customer-owned raw materials, this is because before sugar is produced, it is necessary to grow appropriate sugar beet crop», — says Oleksandr Nikishyn.

The official says that the presentation was successful, and markets for this sugar are unlimited. Last year, the area of 250 hectares was sown with organic sugar beet, and this year this area reached 350 hectares. Beetroots from these areas will be processed at Gnidava Sugar Refinery.

Oleksandr Nikishyn says the representatives of «Organic Standard» international organization will attend the process of organic sugar beet processing at the refinery to observe if produced sugar meets all the requirements.