In the EU, sugar production will increase by 1,2 million tonnes — USDA

In 2021/2022, European Union production is estimated up 1,2 million tonnes — to 16,6 million tonnes.

It is reported by USDA in November report.

Sugar output is forecasted to increase as sugarbeets ─mainly in France, Germany, and Poland ─ suffered less from beet yellows virus disease than they did in 2020. Sugarbeet seeds in 2021 were allowed to be coated with a neonicotinoid such as clothianidin, imidacloprid, or thiamethoxam to help protect from beet yellow virus. Consumption is up slightly but is expected to remain below pre-COVID-19 levels. Imports are forecast to recover to 2.0 million tons after dropping to 1.5 million the year before because of high world prices. Stocks are forecast up with the higher production and imports.