In Brazil fires in cane fields could impact next sugar season

A series of fires hitting cane fields in Brazil’s centre-south region are unlikely to change the outlook for sugar production in the current season, but could impact next year’s season, cane industry group Unica said on Wednesday.

It is reported by Reuters.

Traders and analysts have cited the fires and the excessive dry weather in Brazil as one of the factors supporting sugar prices’ rise in the latest sessions in New York.

«The main concern relates to fires occurring in areas that have already been harvested», — said Unica’s technical director Antonio de Padua Rodrigues, referring to fields where cane has been cut and the plants were starting to grow again for the 2021 crop.

Brazil central areas are seeing the second consecutive year of below-average rains. The excessive dryness has led to a large number of fires, both in forested areas and in agricultural fields.