Heavy rains will reduce sugar production volumes


This year, the first sugar beet seedlings were damaged by waterlogged topsoil and high relative humidity. According to Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Center, precipitation on the territory of Ukraine reached about 100 - 150 mm.

«Beetroot zone is located in a waterlogged soil zone. This led to a partial washout of sugar beet seed. Also, due to high rainfall, plants have been affected by diseases that influence their growth, development and sugar content. Due to the high moisture content, it is impossible to carry out any agrochemical works, as crop protection products have no time to manifest their effect on pests and weeds», — explains the analytical service of «Ukrsugar» Association. 

In addition, during abundant rainfalls, nitrogen is washed out, resulting in deteriorating sugar beet growth and development. It should be noted the high mortality of seedlings due to a lack of oxygen in the cold waterlogged soil. 

«All considered, it can be predicted that sugar content and yield will be lower than the expected levels, which in turn will affect the sugar production. According to our forecasts, this year we will be able to receive 1,1-1,2 million tonnes of sugar in the range. Such production volumes can create a certain gap in the market», — the Association explains.