«Gnidava Sugar Refinery» LLC began sugar production season


On August, 30 at 12:00 «Gnidava Sugar Refinery» LLC, which is in Volyn region, began sugar beet processing.

In the new season, the company plans to process over 500 ths t of beet and produce about 70 ths t of sugar.

Before the beginning of the new season, about UAH 70 mln were invested in the production modernization: «First of all, the thermal circuit was revised, the condenser economy was modernized, two centrifuges of the first product were purchased, the major repairs of diffusions carried out significant changes in energy saving», — commented Rostyslav Novosad, chairman of «Gnidava Sugar Refinery» LLC.

Investments will increase the production capacites, so the refinery plans to process up to 6 ths t of sugar beet per day: «All these measures will help to increase the capacity to 20% and reduce energy consumption by 10%», — explained Rostyslav Novosad.

Last year, the bioethanol mill started working on the refinery, which allows the diversification of sugar production.