Gnidava Sugar Refinery adopts European countries experience

The pulp presses, installed at Gnidava Sugar Refinery, significantly reduced the amount of raw pulp that falls into the dumps in the past year.

It is reported by press-service of the company. 

«In fact, in the past year, there was no beet pulp in our dumps, all the pulp was picked up by the peasants. Another year of work and all the pulp silos will be empty. Beet pulp will be more pressed, and, consequently, better quality, and therefore better stored and has more nutrients», — says Oleksandr Nikishyn, the deputy head of Gnidava sugar Refinery. 

Gnidava Sugar Refinery will continue production modernization reaching European standards. After the establishment of pulp presses and filters of deep pressing the company plans to work out the concept of drying pulp. 

The company informs that it is planned to move to such a level of operation of the refinery as in Poland and Germany, when there will be no pulp on the territory of the refinery. 

Such modernization, which is carried out from year to year at the refinery, is a part of a long-term plan approved in order to completely unload the filtration fields and, in the long term, their closing.