Germany's sugar production 2021/2022 will increase by 0,2 million tonnes — WVZ

Germany's refined sugar production from beets in the new 2021/22 season now starting is forecast to rise to some 4.38 million tonnes from 4.10 million tonnes last season, Germany's sugar industry association WVZ said in its first harvest forecast.

It is reported by Reuters.

German farmers have planted around 354,000 hectares of sugar beet for the new crop, up from about 350,000 hectares last season, the association said.

In the new 2021/22 season, 27.56 million tonnes of beets are expected to be delivered to sugar factories for processing, up from 25.72 million tonnes last season.

Average beet crop yields are estimated at 77.8 tonnes per hectare, up from 73.3 tonnes last season. Average beet sugar content this season is estimated at 18%, up slightly from 17.9% last season.

German sugar beets benefited from the rainy summer in the country this year, the association said. But plants now need sunshine to boost beet sugar content.