Cygnet started packing sugar for export to the EU

This year, Cygnet company began packing sugar not only in 50-kilogram bags, but also in "bags".

Nataliya Bogdanovych, commercial director of Cygnet company, told about it in a comment to the corporate newspaper.

«Now sugar industry is export-oriented. In addition, there is a surplus production: this season, more plants are being launched in Ukraine than last year», — she said.

On the territory of the European Union, there is a greater demand for containers in "bags" with a capacity of 1 or 1.2 tonnes.

«We have to keep up with the times, so we are introducing this new technology. This will give us the opportunity to diversify our capacities and compete on foreign markets», — commented Nataliya Bogdanovych.

Cygnet Group cultivates 29,000 hectares in central part of Ukraine — Zhytomyr and Vinnytsia regions.