Cygnet completed sugar beet sowing campaign

Cygnet's agronomic service completed sugar beet sowing.

It is reported by press service of the company.

Cool spring did not allow to take to the field early this year, so the sowing campaign started two weeks later than usual. Despite such conditions, sowing of all crops was carried out in technologically optimal terms.

Mykola Zhuravel, the Deputy Director for Crop Production at «Cygnet Center», says: «The late spring did not affect the sowing campaign. There were no prolonged rains, the only thing is that such a cold spring affected the seedlings, we got them much later than usual».

This year sowing of sugar beets was carried out quickly, in 7 working days. Cygnet sowed 3,3 thousand hectares of this sweet crop. According to Oleksandr Haponiuk, the chief agronomist of Zhytomyr branch of «Cygnet Center» LLC, the weather conditions were favoravle fo sowing campaign, and the soil moisture supply was sufficient.

Cygnet's agronomic service does its best to get good harvests and hopes the weather will be favorable for friendly seedlings and plants vegetation.