Brazil's center-south seen reducing sugar output 2019/2020 — Biosev

Brazil’s 2019/20 center-south sugar output seen at 25.9 million tonnes versus 26.5 million tonnes in 2018/19, says sugar group Biosev.

It is reported by Reuters.

Biosev sees Brazil’s 2019/20 center-south (CS) ethanol output at 32.1 billion liters versus 30.9 billion liters in 2018/19.

Brazil’s CS sugar output will grow to 28 million tonnes in 2020/21; ethanol output seen stable at 32.1 billion liters. 

Biosev sees Brazil’s 2020/21 CS cane crop at 596 million tonnes versus 585 million tonnes seen for 2019/20.

Ethanol will continue to give better financial returns than sugar for mills in Brazil in the next season.