«Astarta» puts beet pulp in polymer sleeves



«Astarta Pryhorollya» LLC places beet pulp in polymer sleeves.

It is stated in the company's message on Facebook.

«We put three thousand tonnes of beet pulp in polymer sleeves, which guarantee the reliability of its storage. Beet pulp remains one of the most valuable fodder for cattle feeding. It is a highly digestible source of structural carbohydrates. One of the key features of beet pulp is its digestibility — it is much higher than other crops», — the company notes.

Currently, the pulp is laid by «Astarta Pryhorollya» LLC in Staroavramivka.

«Each polymer sleeve has a length of 60 m and holds about 200 tonnes of fresh pulp. We plan to get a thousand tonnes of beet pulp on our farm for our 300 dairy herd», — said the manager of the dairy farm in the village of Staroavramivka Roman Beznishchenko.