«Astarta» increased sugar production efficiency



Yaresky sugar refinery received 530 tonnes of sugar due to the losses reduction.

It is reported by «Astarta» on its Facebook-page.

Being a leader among sugar producers in Ukraine, «Astarta» improves production efficiency. The minimization of sugar losses during beet processing campaign is an important component.

Starting from 2020, operational improvement projects to reduce sugar losses in molasses were launched at Yaresky and Globyno sugar factories, and the best practices are being spread to all factories.

How is it possible to maximally "obtain" sugar from beets? Today, «Astarta» sugar factories work to minimize sugar losses in the beet pulp.

Viktoriya Fedorenko, the company's chief technologist, talks about «Astarta»'s experience and a number of factors that affect efficiency improvement processes.

Influencing factors:

  • increasing productivity and minimizing the amount of water;
  • the dependence of sugar losses in the pulp and pumping out the diffusion juice;
  • analysis of permissible losses of sugar in the pulp as a % of the mass of the pulp depending on the dry matter of the pressed pulp;
  • optimization of methods of managing the diffusion apparatus by the operator.

The team focused on:

  • rhythmic processing and pumping of diffusion juice;
  • improving the professional skills of workers;
  • reduction of accidents and stops.

«In 2022, all factories have achieved the improvement. Compared to last year, the company managed to reduce sugar loss in the pulp by 0.08%. According to Yaresky sugar factory, sugar losses in the pulp were reduced the most — by 0.13% to the mass of beets and an additional 530 tonnes of sugar were obtained, — says Viktoriya Fedorenko.