A'SPIK Group sugar factory installed a water reuse system



Krasyliv Sugar Factory, which is part of A'SPIK Group structure, updated its equipment before the 2023 season.

It is stated in the company's message on Facebook.

«One of the values of A`SPIK GROUP is responsible production that saves resources and human labor. This value is also shared at Krasyliv sugar factory, so in preparation for the start of the "sweet season", we, in particular, modernized the water supply system», — says Borys Horodov, the director of the factory.

A radial settling tank was installed at the enterprise, it is used to clean conveyor washing water from mud and impurities. From there, the purified water will move to production.

«So, we will not need to "draw" additional water, we will be able to circulate and purify it at the expense of the sump», — explains Boris Horodov.