«A'SPIK GROUP» produced 60 thousand tonnes of sugar



In 2018, «A'SPIK GROUP» sugar refineries processed more than 436 thousand tonnes of sugar beet into 60 thousand tonnes of sugar.

It is announced by the company on its Facebook page.

In particular, «Starokostiantynivtsukor» LLC processed 251,7 thousand tonnes of beets into 35,5 thousand tonnes of sugar. At the same time, «Shepetivka Sugar Refinery» PJSC processed 184,4 thousand tonnes of sugar beet into 24,6 thousand tonnes of sugar.

«In 2018, the processing capacities of group's enterprises were loaded significantly less than in 2017, because our refineries operate on tolling raw materials on 70%, and the partners of «A'SPIK GROUP» reduced their harvested areas. In addition, beet yields were lower than expected due to weather conditions. Taking into account this year's tendency to reduce sugar beet areas, we will try to keep production at the last year's level», — says Vasil Kovbel, commercial director of «A'SPIK GROUP».

The company informs that, despite bad weather and sowing results, the refineries do not stop introducing new ways to increase productivity and efficiency of sugar beet processing, because only a constant and systematic work on reducing the cost of production can guarantee a "sweet life" of refineries with a century-old history.

That is why in 2019, during the off-season, «Starokostiantynivtsukor» LLC works on introduction of dry transportation of sugar beets, and Shepetivka sugar refinery has already upgraded its own equipment stock by a third.