«A'SPIK GROUP» has no need for sugar beet re-sowing due to the spring heavy rains



Although the first sugar beet seedlings of «A'SPIK GROUP» have been partly affected by May heavy rains, there is no need for re-sowing. 

It is reported by the company on its Facebook-page.

The company informs that 200 ha of sugar beet areas have been found problematic for Starokostiantyniv agragians after excessive spring rainfall.

«Partial washing out and oozing of the first sugar beet seedlings is observed on about 20% of this year's sown areas. However, fortunately, the consequences of the rains did not cause the need for re-sowing», — says Anatoliy Salashynskyi, director of «A'SPIK GROUP» agricultural unit.

He says, the rest of the beet roots are in good condition and not infected with diseases and pests. Today, agrochemical works have already begun on the fields of the company to protect plants. In particular, sugar beets are treated with herbicides to prevent the weeds growth. Prophylactic treatment of plants with harmful insects will begin soon. 

 Recall that in 2019, «A'SPIK GROUP sowed almost 1,3 thousand hectares of sugar beet. Despite the fact that this year in the territory of Ukraine sugar beet harvested area was reduced by 25%, Starokostiantyniv agrarians have kept their beet areas unchanged.