«A'SPIK GROUP» exported 3,000 tonnes of granulated beet pulp



In 2018, «A'SPIK GROUP» exported 3,000 tonnes of granulated beet pulp.

It is reported by the company on its Facebook page.

The corporation informs that, although pulp is not the main product, it is a by-product of sugar production and one of the most valuable feeds for cattle. Because pulp, dried up to 88% of dry matter, withstands long storage and it is a rich source of structural carbohydrates for domestic animals.

Moreover, the well-known dog food company Pedigree also uses dry granulated pulp in its production technology.

«Last year, the Netherlands and South Korea became the main consumers of our pulp. In total, we delivered 3,000 tonnes of this product to our foreign partners. Unfortunately, the problems with «Ukrzaliznytsia» hindered us from increasing export volumes because it failed to provide us with the required number of wagons. Part of the goods even had to be transported by road. This problem was felt everywhere in Ukraine last year», — says «A'SPIK GROUP» Deputy Director General for Economic Affairs Dmytro Panchuk.

He says, the quality of Starokostiantyniv beet pulp was evaluated by one of the largest players in the global market of cattle feed — «Feedimpex», the Dutch company. 

In addition, this product is popular in the domestic market. On the territory of Ukraine, farms and agricultural enterprises are the main buyers of granulated beet pulp.