«A’SPIK Group» expands beet pulp markets



Sugar beet pulp is in demand in domestic and foreign markets.

It is reported by the company on its Facebook-page.

In particular, in 2019/2020 marketing year, the main consumer of extracted sugar beet pulp from «A’SPIK Group» became a large trader from the United States who had not previously cooperated with the company. As a result, the corporation gained new export markets.

This product is in demand in our country too. Among Ukrainian buyers there are farms and agricultural enterprises. After all, pellets, dried up to 88% dry matter, are a valuable feed for cattle that can withstand long storage and is a rich source of hydrocarbons.

Moreover, the well-known dog food company Pedigree also uses beet pulp in its production technology.

The company notes that pulp is a by-product of the beet sugar production. At the stage of "washing out" of sugars from crushed beets, diffusion juice is formed, and the extracted cutting of root crops is sent for drying and granulation. The result of these processes is dry granulated pulp.

However, despite the status of a “non-core” product, nutrient pellets are a highly liquid product, as «A’SPIK Group»’s business partners buy out the beet pulp almost immediately after production is completed.