«A'SPIK GROUP» completed "sweet" harvesting



«A'SPIK GROUP» agricultural units harvested sugar beet from more than two thousand hectares — 100% of sugar beet crops in the land bank of the group of companies.

It is reported by the company on its Facebook-page.

The corporation informes that the average beet yield reached 550 centners/ha, and sugar content, compared with last year, increased by more than 1%. Thus, the yield on the corporation's fields exceeds the national level by more than 24%, and the regional one — by 8%.

«The main problems I would point out in 2019 are crop failure and irregular rainfall. In late May and early June, we suffered from heavy rainfalls and then almost two months — from hot and dry weather. The weather had a negative impact on the development of sugar beet plants. But, in general, we are pleased with this year's results thanks to the coordinated work of all divisions of the corporation, high work discipline and timely implementation of agronomic measures», — concludes «A'SPIK GROUP» land manager Anatoliy Salashynsky.

Next year «A'SPIK GROUP» plans to sow more areas with activated seeds, as its tests showed high results. In 2020, the Corporation also plans to increase its total sugar beet area.