«Zakhidna kompania «Dakor» CJSC


Address: 35600, Ukraine, Rivne region, Dubno, sD. Halytskyi str., 9.

«Zakhidna kompania «Dakor» CJSC — a vertically integrated agrarian company that united 4 sugar refineries located in three regions of Ukraine, 15 agricultural enterprises, which leased 122 thousand hectares, limestone and sand quarries, a motor transport company, a plant on the production of alternative fuels, elevator and other units. 

In particular, it ioncluded Dubensky and Ostrozhsky sugar refineries of Rivne region, Kremenetsky (Ternopil region) and Zolochivsky (Lviv region) sugar refineries, which produced sugar from sugar beet and raw sugar, as well as by-products — molasses, fresh, dry and granulated beet pulp. 

At the total capacity of its refineries (processing of about 18 thousand tonnes of sugar beet per day), «Zakhidna kompania «Dakor» CJSC occupied the leading position among the companies of the sugar industry of Ukraine, taking the fifth place in the number of produced sugar in 2008 (almost 6% of sugar market). 

«Zakhidna kompania «Dakor» CJSC was one of the first sugar companies in Ukraine to go through the provision of capacities of its refineries with its own raw materials, for which new lands were leased. As a result, in 2007, the company provided 76% of the demand for raw materials, which was almost the highest among the large sugar companies of Ukraine. In 2008, the share of its own sugar beet increased already to 89%.

The company included Dubensky, Kremenetsky, Ostrozhsky and Zolochivsky sugar refineries, each of which has a bright and difficult history of creation and development. Dubensky sugar refinery became one of the leaders of the Ukrainian sugar market. 

In 2010, «Zakhidna kompania «Dakor» became the part of «UkrLandFarming» Holding.