«Salyvonkivskyi Sugar Refinery» PC


Address of production capacities: Bilotserkivska str., 1, Grebinky, Vasylkiv district, Kyiv region, 08662.

«Salyvonkivskyi Sugar Refinery» PC was founded in 1873 and it processed 180 tonnes of sugar beet per day. Today, the processing capacity reaches 6,8 thousand tonnes of beet per day. It was achieved due to a large number of reconstructions and modernizations.

During the last several years, the plant has reconstructed deep-spinning station and installed the «Babbini» pulp press — 2012. In 2013, vacuum devices of I product and centrifugals of the 1-2-3 product were installed. In 2014, the defecosaturation station was reconstructed. In 2017, the juice filtration station was reconstructed. In 2018, the washing complex and the filtration station of the syrup with melting station were reconstructed. In 2018, it was possible to reduce using of fuel from 42 m3/t of beet th 29 m3/t of beet.

The refinery produces white beet sugar of II, III and IV categories under «Salyvonkivskyi Sugar Refinery» PC TM. All by-products (molasses, pulp, lime) are sold in domestic market in bulk form.

In the coming years, the company plans to reconstruct the washing complex, the diffusion department and the syrup juice filtration station.