«Yevropatsukor» PE (Ivanychi Sugar Refinery)


Address of production capacities: Zavodska str., 18, Ivanychi, Volyn region, Ukraine, 45300.

The company was founded on August 21, 2002. «Yevropatsukor» PE is a multi-enterprise created by a citizen of Ukraine Kovalchuk S.М. and belongs to him on the right of private property.

The branch of the national economy is food industry; the type of activity is production and trading of sugar.

Ivanychi sugar refinery “Yeropatsukor” is one of the leading enterprises of sugar production in Volyn region. The company processes an average 200 thousand tonnes of sugar beet, which are bought in Volyn, as well as Rivne and Lviv regions over the season.

The refinery was built in 1956 and at that time its capacity was 1200 t/day. 

The company produces sugar of the II and III categories and sell it under «Yevropatsukor» PE Trade Mark. By-products - pulp and lime - are sold in domestic market (Volyn, Rivne and Lviv regions), and molasses — in domestic market and exported to Poland.

The last complete reconstruction of the refinery was carried out in 1975. Then the processing capacity increased to 3000 t/day. The current capacity of the refinery is 2760 t/day. 

In the nearest future, the company plans to modernize the drains of the outflows of the first product and the drains of the juices of the evaporator station, the vacuum cleaners of the I, II, and III products. In addition, the centrifuges of the first product will be replaced, the superstructure of DS-12 diffusion apparatus is carried out. Also, presses of deep spinning and filter presses will be bought.

The company produces white crystal sug ar, which is packed and sold in 50 kg bags. The product is stored in a cold dry place.